Kindly note that this is a cash practice. I do not work with medical aid schemes as I do not offer a medical service, but rather one that serves to enhance overall emotional wellbeing and quality of life.

Play Therapy

For children ages 3-13. Child-centred therapy in which a child expresses themselves and heals through play and creativity.

Play Therapy Sessions

45-minute appointment slots


Initial Parent Consultations

1 hour appointment slots


Parent Reviews

1 hour appointment slots


For adults ages 18 and up. Person-centred therapy/coaching in a singular capacity

15 Minute Free Consultation

15 minute appointment slots


50-minute appointment slots


Report Writing

This is a therapeutic report not a forensic one and will only be given in the case of scholastic report. This fee includes the time required to complete the relevant assessment, including the initial appointment, testing appointment(s), scoring/interpreting, report writing and the feedback session).

R1200 per report

Parent Guidance

This fee includes collaboratively identifying and setting goals that we will work towards achieving. 

1 hour appointment slots